Tiles! A board game

Welcome to Tiles website.

Tiles is a turn based board game that has two modes:

The Green Tile mode:

The objective of this turn is to find the hidden green tile. Each player will uncover one tile per turn. Tiles’ numbers will give you a hint as to how many tiles away the green tile is. 
For example if a tile at the center of the board is uncovered and it says “2” then there are 8 possibilities for the location of the green tile:
1- Two tiles upward.

2- One tile upward, then one tile to the right.

3- Two tiles to the right.

4- One tile downwards then one tile to the right.

5- Two tiles downwards.

6- One tile downwards then one tile to the left.

7- Two tiles to the left.

8- One tile upwards then one tile to the left.
Uncovering more tiles gives more hints, resulting into higher chance of reaching the green tile. Use the probabilities to your advantage to win the game! This mode supports playing against Cpu or with a second player

2- Color Frenzy mode:

In this mode each player will have a color. Players exchange turns coloring the tiles, and each tapped tile will be colored in addition of converting the color of its adjacent tiles that are already colored by other players. A player win if he owns most of the board. This mode support 2 to 4 players.


If you enjoyed the game and have more modes ideas the you would like to see implemented feel free to share them! Email your questions or suggestions to Ahmadajr1@gmail.com

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